Teeth Whitening

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We deliver premium teeth whitening treatments to brighten your smile

There aren’t many people who’d say no to a brighter, whiter smile. But no matter how much your discoloured teeth are affecting your confidence, don’t be tempted by over-the-counter miracle whitening solutions. Often, they’ll accomplish very little, except damage to the vulnerable surface of your teeth and gums.

For a premium, safe and effective teeth whitening, you need to turn to a qualified professional.

Our teeth whitening expertise

We’ve got the skills, advanced training and high-quality products to properly whiten your teeth – and we’ll never sacrifice your overall dental health to get you results.

After checking that it’s suitable for you, we’ll professionally whiten your teeth, using a safe method that is easy for you to use at home.

The entire tooth whitening cosmetic treatment is usually completed within 3-4 weeks. At the first visit, the dentist makes impressions of your teeth. Custom fit trays are then made for you in the laboratory. These trays hold the whitening gel in place around your teeth.

You apply the tooth whitening product to your teeth for around 2 hours each day, for fast and satisfying whitening results.

Maintaining your sparkling smile

To prolong the results and keep your teeth sparkling, we can also provide top-up syringes. We always rely on Poladay for this, a brand renowned for safety and quality.

Some other top tips we advise for maintaining shiny, white teeth include:

  • Keep up high hygiene standards, cleaning your teeth and gums twice a day to stop plaque and tartar accumulating

  • Have regular hygienist appointments to maintain dental health

  • Avoid foods and drinks which stain teeth, including the biggest offenders – red wine, coffee and tea

  • Similarly, try to cut down on smoking which also discolours teeth

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