Assessing your orthodontic needs

Our expert orthodontists will use their years of experience and specialist training to determine exactly the best course of action for you.

Because every patient is different and their specific requirements will vary, there’s no set answer on how long you’ll need orthodontics – it could be anywhere between 18-24 months.

But we’ll only ever recommend treatment for you if we think it’s completely necessary, or if we know that it’ll help you achieve the smile you’re after.

We’ve got the skills and first-class equipment to provide you with orthodontics

Maybe you have an uncomfortable overbite that’s affecting your jaw muscles, or feel that crooked teeth ruin the appearance of your smile.

Whatever the reason, you want or need the help of orthodontics– and we’ve got the skills and equipment to take care of it.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a suitable treatment for people of all ages. As soon as a patient’s adult teeth are in, usually around the age of 12, they’ll be suitable for orthodontics.

Orthodontics can be used to effectively treat a variety of different dental issues and has many amazing advantages including

  • Correcting the position of teeth and dental crowding

  • Straightening teeth

  • Protecting prominent teeth that are likely to be damaged

  • Realigning your bite, when front and back teeth don’t meet

  • Increasing your self confidence


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