Nervous Patients

Your smile is important – that’s why we help nervous patients get their dental health back on track

For some people, we’re aware that a trip to the dentist can be very stressful – especially when you’re also dealing with painful gums or teeth. But we also know that skipping routine dental check-ups and appointments will only make those health problems worse.

That’s why we offer a dedicated, personalised service to nervous patients.

Appointments designed to put you at ease


From the moment you walk through the door, our staff will endeavour to put you at ease. During an appointment, we’ll:

  • Chat to you in our private consulting room, away from the pressure of the dentist chair.

  • Take things at your pace, never rushing you into a decision and letting you take breaks when needed.

  • Discuss any issues you’re having and explain your treatment options.

  • Rely on our expert equipment and training to offer the least uncomfortable treatment, including the use of our pain-free wand injections.

  • Help you make a decision on which path to take, and then give you as much or as little detail as you wish regarding what’s involved.



By taking the time to make you feel at home, we can give you the attention and dental care you need without putting you through any undue stress. You’ll still get the comprehensive treatment all our patients receive – with an even more sympathetic touch.

Your dental health and wellbeing are our biggest concerns, 
call 0131 466 8206 to discuss how we can tailor an appointment to you.