Hygienist/Therapist Visits

Regular hygienist visits are the secret to life-long healthy gums and teeth

Fail to control tartar and plaque build-up, and it’ll cause a whole load of nasty problems like bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The easiest way to avoid these sorts of painful and embarrassing gum health issues is with regular visits to our hygienist.

The importance of hygienist check-ups


The purpose of a hygienist consultation is simple: to professionally clean your teeth (scaling and polishing) and offer expert advice on how to maintain clean, healthy gums and teeth.

By popping in for regular sessions, you can keep harmful build-ups to a minimum and avoid more invasive treatment in the future.

During your appointment, we can:

  • Examine your current gum and oral health

  • Remove tartar and plaque with a professional clean

  • Help reduce or even remove natural accumulative stains (wine, coffee and tea are the biggest culprits)

  • Assess how well you’re currently looking after your teeth and gums

  • Offer advice on how to better improve your brushing and dental routine, including recommendations regarding toothpaste and dental floss


After visiting the hygienist, we guarantee you’ll leave with a squeaky clean, shiny smile and the knowledge to maintain it.

Here are just a few of the dental hygiene tips we advise you to follow in between appointments:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (one of these should last thing at night before you go to bed)

  • Don’t rush – spend at last two minutes brushing

  • Take care to brush all of your teeth, including the sides, backs and chewing surfaces

  • Don’t rinse out your mouth immediately after brushing, to give the fluoride from the toothpaste longer to work on your teeth

  • Try to keep sugary drinks and foods to a minimum, it’s one of the worst things for good dental health


This general guide should give you a good starting point, but during your hygienist visit, you’ll be given much more detailed advice catered to your specific dental needs.
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