General Dentistry

Our general dentistry service puts your dental health first

If you look after your teeth and gums, they’ll last for life – and you’ll always feel confident that your smile is looking its best.

That’s why preventative care is at the core of everything we do.

Regular check-ups and routine examinations

We recommend that all our patients have regular check-ups so that we can keep an eye on your oral health, and catch any early warning signs of painful conditions like gum disease or tooth decay. By doing so, we can tackle such issues before they become a major problem and provide treatment that is minimally invasive.

First, to get to know you, we’ll go through an initial consultation. During this visit, we will:

  • Ask you to fill out a medical history form

  • Assess your current oral health by examining your teeth and gums

  • Take x-rays, if necessary

  • Determine if there’s any immediate treatment required

  • Advise you on future dental care that may be necessary

  • Answer any questions you have about your results


During any follow-up appointments or routine check-ups, we’ll continually examine and assess your dental and oral health. Whenever an issue arises, you can rest assured that we’ll give you professional and friendly advice on appropriate treatments.


We also offer emergency care, should the need arise


Whether it’s a cracked filling that’s been keeping you up all night or ill-fitting dentures making you uncomfortable, we also offer emergency appointments to get your symptoms and pain under control as quickly as possible.

For further information about our comprehensive dental examinations,
or to book an appointment, get in touch on  0131 466 8206.