Children’s Dentistry


A children’s dentistry service designed to keep your family’s dental health in check

The earlier you can get your children to form good habits, like properly brushing their teeth and avoiding sugary drinks, the better their dental health will be in later life.

Our mission is to help you do exactly that, by creating a warm, welcoming and fun healthcare environment.

All of our friendly team, from the reception staff to the nurses and dentists, have experience in making younger patients feel safe and comfortable in our practice.

Looking after our younger patients


So that your child gets used to dentist visits from a young age, we recommend that you bring them in for their first check-up when they’re six months old.

From the age of six onwards, regular appointments will give us ample opportunity to keep an eye on the growth and development of their permanent teeth. We’ll then be ideally placed to offer orthodontist advice or treatment, if necessary.

Throughout their childhood and teenage years, we’ll also teach them about the importance of looking after their teeth and what they can do to keep their smile healthy.

If your child does need dental treatment, we have “The Wand” needle free anaesthetic.

To give your child’s dental health a head start, 
book an appointment by calling   0131 466 8206.
We offer 10% discount to our dental plan patients for any orthodontic treatment.